Mens Club

Officers for 2022

President: James Spoden
Secretary: Rick Thomas
Treasurer: Craig Inglis

All Skylake men are invited to our meetings. We meet in the clubhouse or at the lakeside pavilion, weather permitting, the 3rd Wednesday of every odd numbered month beginning in January each year. That is Jan, Mar, May, etc.

The meeting starts at 10:00am. Please mark your calendars now and be a supporter of the Men's Club in 2022!

We send out an email reminder. New members: please add your name and email address to the attendance sheet at the next meeting so that we can add you to our emailing list.

Minutes for the Mens Club Meetings can be found under "Mens Club" in the Resource Center. 

Roadside Litter Pickup April 30
Thanks to the Following Participants

Ron Barton
Charles Brown
Gary Brown
Ralph Carey
Craig Gottschang
Craig Inglis
Keith Odom
Harry Rogers
John Stump
Rick Thomas
David Williams
Mike Yarbrough


Annual Dues

Men's Club annual dues are now $15.00. This change was voted in unanimously at the March 2022 meeting. It replaces the $5.00 for a lifetime. All members who pay their dues for 2022 will receive a black crew neck tee-shirt emblazoned with the Skylake logo and "Men's Club".

Thank You to Members Paid Up for 2022

Steve Arnall
Gene Boger   (got T-shirt)
Courtney Brinson
Gary Brown
Ralph Carey
David Cook   (got T-shirt)
Jim Couch
Bill Dellert
Gil Elmy   (got T-shirt)
Don Fisher   (got T-shirt)
Bob Flanagan
Pat Glisson
Rick Horowitz   (got T-shirt)
Craig Inglis
Gary Isbell
Chuck Kolkjen
Rick LaCerra   (got T-shirt)
Ed McEvoy   (got T-shirt)
Terry Mulkey   (got T-shirt)
Andy Negra   (got T-shirt)
Keith Odom   (got T-shirt)
Greg Pacter
Roy Pennington   (got T-shirt)
Larry Prater
John Puhek   (got T-shirt)
Jim Ramsey
Harry Rogers   (got T-shirt)
Frank Shackleford
Jack Souza   (got T-shirt)
Danny Stephens   (got T-shirt)
John Stump   (got T-shirt)
Rick Thomas   (got T-shirt)
David Williams
Mike Yarbrough   (got T-shirt)

  Total number of Paid Up members = 34



Volunteer Man of the Year Award

Given in recognition and appreciation of extraordinary volunteer hours of service given to Skylake and the community. Presented by the Skylake Men's Club at the POA annual meeting each year in October.

The first award was given in 1999. Beginning in 2014 and continued every year since, a new Man of the Year engraved brick for each award recipient is placed in the Skylake legacy brick plaza.

Man of the Year Honor Roll

Corbin Sanders, 1999
Ed Hoffman & Sid McKnight, 2000
Dick Marshall & Norwood Clark, 2001
Joe Ferguson, 2002
Don Bachant & Vic Henderson, 2003
Gene Anderson, 2004
Bill Rocksandich, 2005
Tom Aderhold, 2006
Dan Neilson, 2007
Laddie Rollins, 2008
Grannon Thompson, 2009
Bob Taylor, 2010
Craig Inglis, 2011
Hill Jordan, 2012
Larry Prater, 2013
Ralph Carey, 2014
Robert Minnick, 2015
Mike Riddle, 2016
Andy Negra, 2017
Gary Brown, 2018
Charles Brown, 2019
Wes Bartlett, 2020
Rick LaCerra, 2020
Craig Gottschang, 2021