Skylake and Firewise

National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) Firewise Communities Program is intended to serve as a resource for agencies, tribes, organizations, fire departments, communities and residents across the United States who are working toward a common goal: reduce the loss of lives, properties, and resources to wild land fire by building and maintaining communities in a way that is compatible with our natural surroundings.

The Firewise Communities/USA Recognition Program was designed as a tool that forestry and fire service professionals can use to work with residents to obtain voluntary compliance with existing wildfire safety rules, as well as to motivate community action toward wildfire safety in the absence of strict ordinances or laws.

The Recognition Program encourages and acknowledges citizen involvement in reducing community wildfire risk. Skylake was designated as a Firewise Community in 2012.

The following are things you can do to make your home safe from wildfires:
• Clean gutters of leaves and debris.
• Move woodpiles at least 30 feet away from your home.
• Make sure that the area under your deck is free of debris and vegetation.
• Make sure that any attachments to the home are fire resistive. (Remember, if it is attached to the house, it is part of the house.)
• Make sure that the area around the home is well watered, especially within the first 30 feet.
• Remove all dead vegetation from around the home. Rake up leaves and remove them.
• Trim back tree branches overhanging the roof.
• Check your vents to make sure screens are cleaned of debris and install ember resistive vents.
• Make sure that you have spark arrestors properly installed on your chimney.
• Place gravel or stones around the bottom of porch or deck support beams.

For more information on ensuring your property is FIREWISE CLICK HERE.
For a FIREWISE home risk checklist CLICK HERE.

Firewise Renewal Application

Firewise Cleanup Survey

During this year, a lot of Skylakers have been cleaning and pruning their properties. Part of the Firewise renewal application is to document cleanup activities. A major component of wildfire risk reduction is the removal of vegetation (shrubs, brush, limbs, trees, etc.) from individual properties and common-area property. Tracking vegetation removal provides forestry and fire agencies with information on the quantity of potential wildfire fuel that's been eliminated from the area(s).

If you cleaned up your property this year, please take a few minutes to complete the form so we may document your efforts in reducing wildfire risks in our community. The survey will document and record your efforts to reduce the risks of wildfire in our community.