Committee Purpose

The purpose of the Skylake Community Garden Committee is oversee the Skylake Community Garden, which will replace the Skylake POA Garden.

The Committee shall consist of three (3) members, two (2) current active gardeners and one (1) Board of Director and the General Manager, ex officio.


  • create new rules and regulations, annual fees and usage of the community garden to be presented to the Board of Directors for review, discussion, a vote and adoption at the May 2022 Board Meeting.
  • be responsible for finding a suitable new location for the Skylake Community Garden, that will allow additional garden spots (10'x20') and new smaller garden spot (5'x10') and be centrally located in Skylake
  • solicit assistance from their Skylake neighbors to assist staff and the POA Office with construction of the new community garden site
  • determine the fee schedule to lease a garden spot, starting on January 1, 2023

Committee Members

Cheryl Bourn
Rick Bradley
Cathy Chadwick
Michael Jinks
Aimee Savage
Aaron Cosson, General Manager, ex officio