Women of Skylake

All women in the Skylake community are invited to attend Skyladies meetings, held in the clubhouse (barring a pandemic) on the first Wednesday of each month except for July.

Among its many projects this active group is a strong supporter of a school bookbag project sponsored by Circle of Hope, a local area women's support group.

Newcomers often comment on how comfortable and at home they feel in Skylake even as they are unpacking. The Skyladies have a Welcome Committee. If you are new to the community or have a new neighbor, please call the Welcome Committee, Robin and Gil Elmy.

Membership is free, though an annual $15 donation every January to the group's general fund is welcomed. This general fund is used for kitchen supplies, memorials, decorations, etc. You may bring your check payable to Skyladies to the January coffee or deliver it to the office to be placed in the Skyladies treasurer's folder.

Minutes of meetings and reminder notices are sent out by email. To get yourself on the mailing list, contact Alice Carey.

Officers for 2022

Acting President: Mary Clement 
Vice President: Debbie Flanagan 
Secretary: Jennie Taylor 
Treasurer: Darlene Prater 



Skyladies Coordinators

Cares and Concerns (cards): Ellen McMullan

Caring Hands: Pan Wimberly

Circle of Hope (Book Bags): Mary Lu Odom

Crafters: Nancy Gottschang 

Decorating outside: June Thomas, Mary Clement

Kitchen Supplies: Janet Spoden, Beverly Farkus

Lending Library: Ingrid Inglis

Medical equip to lend: Theresa Sustakovitch

Welcome New Homeowners: Robin Elmy


Weekly and Monthly Activities

Book Club:

Crafters Friday mornings: Nancy Gottschang

Salt Shakers: Robin Elmy

Social (2nd Saturday) host Coordinator:

Seasonal Activities

Christmas Luncheon:

Christmas Tree Lighting:

Clubhouse Christmas Decorating:

Fall Festival: Linda Crossman, Robin Elmy

Independence Day Picnic: Marianna Jenkinson

Music by the Lake: Susan Proctor, Debbie Lee Whelchel

Outside Decorations: June Thomas, Mary Clement


Hostessing a Skyladies Meeting
Coordinator: Jan Thomas

Pick-up the master key from the guard about 9:00am. Unlock the driveway gate, the building (both ends), and unlock the kitchen.

Make coffee (regular and decaf) and set out the cups and condiments. If you are inclined, have tea bags available. Some of the Skyladies like having the option for hot tea. Use about 3 scoops of coffee for 12 cups of water.

Open the folding doors between the kitchen and the clubhouse and set out the cups, water and any other liquid refreshments on the bar.

Pull the chairs out in a semi-circle. Get the podium from the back of the room and put in front of the semi-circle.

If the hostess has brought food, set it out on the large table.

After the meeting, vacuum (in closet next to kitchen), put chairs back, clean up and put everything away, take garbage to dumpsters.

Lock the clubhouse doors and all other doors that were opened.

Return the keys to the guard.


Saturday Socials

Saturday Socials give all Skylakers, new owners and established ones alike, a relaxed opportunity to socialize with friends and neighbors and to make new friends.

Socials take place (barring a pandemic) in the clubhouse at 6:00pm on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Please bring an hors d'oeuvre to share. BYOB.

Skyladies recruits usually 2 volunteer hostesses for each Saturday Social. The coordinator is Betty Barton