Skylake is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors that has the responsibility for administering to the greater welfare of the Property Owners' Association (POA), including setting an annual budget and arranging for the management and performance of all other acts that may be required on behalf of the property owners.

Board members are volunteers and serve 3-year terms. Three new directors - two from the permanent resident class and one from the second home/unimproved lot class - are elected annually so that one-third of the membership of the Board turns over each year.

The Board of Directors takes care to comply with and to implement the of the POA's covenants and bylaws which are available in the Resource Center under "Governing Documents".


2023 Board of Directors


President Rick LaCerra (2023)

Vice-President Michelle Rimes (2024)

Treasurer Jack Powell (2025)

Secretary Bill Dellert (2024)  

Director Steve Bentley (2025)

Director Ken Willis (2024)

Director Mary Isbell (2023)

Director Zac Terry (2025)

Director Bill VanDerKloot (2023)

Parliamentarian Charles Stephens

Note: following each name appears (yyyy) where yyyy is the last year of that individual's term of service.

Schedule of POA Meetings for 2023

Note: POA Board meetings are usually held on the 3rd Monday of the month in the clubhouse unless noted otherwise. All property owners are welcome to observe all these board meetings. Town Hall meetings are question and answer sessions for property owners.