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Nature, Mountains and the Warmth of Friends

scenic private lake community
painting: Canoes Under the Clubhouse
artist: Sam Kates 1996

About this painting

Artist Sam Kates of Florida painted this scene in 1996. He and his wife were frequent guests of former Skylake residents, Ted and Gretchen Newhall.

The original now adorns the Newhall home in Tiger, GA. We are informed it is acrylic on a board 4ft by 3ft in size.

Thanks to Sam for his generous permission to display his artistry on our website.

Welcome Letter

Inside Skylake

natural beauty
welcoming people
great governance
green space
creek & waterfall
two lakes
marked hiking trails
large clubhouse
tennis courts
indoor pickleball
large swimming pool
horse barn & pasture
lakeside BBQ
boat slips
dog park
security gate
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